Silicon Valley Diversity Data

Silicon Valley diversity data: Who released theirs, who didn’t

June 25, 2018

Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting surveyed 211 of the largest Silicon Valley tech companies that were required to submit EEO-1 diversity reports to the federal government for 2016. If a company on our list had not publicly released their 2016 EEO-1 report, we contacted them multiple times to request it. Of the 211, 26* companies either had previously published their 2016 reports or sent them to Reveal. Read our methodology for more information on how we picked companies and broke down the numbers.

How to release your EEO-1 report to Reveal

If your company hasn’t previously released its 2016 EEO-1 report, you can email it to Reveal at If you would like to send us your company’s EEO-1 report securely, you can choose from a variety of tools that we use. Once we have verified your submission, we’ll post the form and add your data to our charts.

Credit: Scott Pham, Sinduja Rangarajan, Bethney Bonilla and Will Evans

Sources: San Jose Mercury News, Techcrunch, Reveal research. “Valuation” column calculated using the market cap from the San Jose Mercury News’ SV150 list for public companies and Crunchbase’s valuations for private companies. *Clover Health released its EEO-1 form, but a company spokeswoman said she thinks the data contains errors that fundamentally skew Reveal’s analysis. We have excluded it from our charts.